The Maritime History of Oman

Originally printed as “The Maritime History of Oman” by Eric Staples in Pride 2010 – 2011.
Reprinted here with permission from Al Roya Press and Publishing House.

OMAN’S HISTORY has always been linked to the sea. Since the earliest days, fishermen ventured along its coasts in search of food. Traders sailed farther out into the Indian Ocean carrying goods and ideologies. Navies fought battles and established empires far from its coasts. Waves of Arab, Persian, East African, Indian, Balushi and European migrations washed up on its shores, intermingling with one another in Oman. All of this maritime activity from antiquity to present has had a profound influence on Oman, shaping the nation that it is today.

Pre-Islamic Oman

Islamic Oman 600-1500 CE

A Modern Maritime Empire